Can Canine Eat Cat Meals? Is It Unhealthy? (Ideas From A Vet)


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British shorthair cat and Golden Retriever trying to eat cat food

Does your canine get excited each time you open a bag, can, or pouch of cat meals? Canine appear to like the stuff, however is it secure for them to eat? Feline meals are made up of lots of the similar components that go into pet food, so one would possibly assume it’s secure for canines to eat. The truth is slightly trickier, and whereas the components are the identical, and an occasional little bit of kitty kibble could not damage your pup, there are higher choices than feeding canines kitty meals long-term. We bounce into the small print and focus on the distinction between feline and canine vitamin and the consequences consuming kitty chow has on canines.

Canine vs. Feline Diet

Canines and felines don’t have the identical dietary wants. For starters, cats are obligate carnivores. They require a weight loss plan that’s excessive in animal proteins. Whereas felines require a meat-heavy weight loss plan, canines are omnivores and eat plant materials like vegatables and fruits, in addition to animal proteins.

Whereas each felines and canines require amino acids from their diets, canines want 10, and felines want 11. Cats want the amino acid taurine for correct improvement and physique operate. Taurine performs a really massive function in cardiovascular operate, digestion, immune system operate, and imaginative and prescient, amongst different issues. Due to this, kitty vitamin has a lot increased ranges of animal proteins and taurine. The upper animal protein and fats make these meals irresistible to canines as a result of they scent and style like juicy meat.

Cat meals has a requirement for taurine, whereas pet food doesn’t. Canines eat taurine however don’t require practically as a lot of it. In addition they want completely different quantities of fiber, vitamins, protein, nutritional vitamins, and different dietary parts than cats. Kitty chow is formulated for wholesome and balanced feline vitamin, and whereas it tastes good and isn’t poisonous, it doesn’t meet the precise dietary wants of any canine. Conversely, cats shouldn’t eat canine meals because it doesn’t include sufficient protein, fats, or amino acids to maintain or preserve them wholesome.

Can Canine Eat Cat Meals (A Vet’s Skilled Opinion)

Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS weighs in “It’s well-publicized that cats can’t eat pet food as a result of it lacks taurine, which is a necessary amino acid that cats can’t make themselves. Nonetheless, it’s additionally true that canines shouldn’t eat cat meals. As a result of cats are obligate carnivores, whereas canines are omnivores, cat meals comprises the next proportion of animal protein and fewer of the grains, greens, and different parts that canines want to fulfill their dietary wants.”

Dr. Godfrey factors out, “The next protein content material is unlikely to trigger injury to your canine’s kidneys if it’s only a one-off or very brief time period, but when your canine has present kidney injury or illness, otherwise you feed them cat meals long run, you might trigger kidney failure. It’s not simply the protein that might trigger a problem in your canine, although, cat meals can be normally increased in fats and energy, which might trigger your canine issues with weight problems, intestine upsets, and even pancreatitis.”

Dr. Godfrey provides, “I’ve had pet house owners point out to me throughout conversations that they’ve been feeding their canine the cat’s meals as a result of they haven’t had time to get to the pet store but. It’s usually not perceived to be an enormous deal. Nonetheless, though within the brief time period it’s unlikely to trigger an enormous downside, I at all times advise them to pay money for the pet food as quickly as they’ll, because it’s not a good suggestion to cut and alter your canine’s weight loss plan anyway, particularly if they’ve a delicate stomach.”

Is Cat Meals Unhealthy For Canine?

Whereas not poisonous, cat chow, moist or dry, is just not wholesome for canines. In case your pup gobbles up a serving or two often, it is not going to seemingly trigger long-term hurt. Nonetheless, consuming kitty chow in massive portions or often is unhealthy. In reality, canines ought to by no means eat feline merchandise, as they don’t seem to be developed to fulfill their species-specific dietary wants. Feline chow is undoubtedly a greater choice than giving your pup a French fry or a stick of beef jerky, however that doesn’t imply it’s wholesome for them.

Feline meals even have the potential to be dangerous to pups who’re affected by kidney, liver, or abdomen illnesses. The identical goes for pups with delicate stomachs, dietary allergic reactions, or different gastrointestinal points. Kitty chow is just not developed to be digested by canines, particularly the upper protein ranges, which might result in some problem if it turns into a daily behavior.

Feline meals are additionally excessive in animal fats, which might result in the event of pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is an inflammatory illness affecting the pancreas, which produces a part of the physique’s digestive enzymes. When a canine suffers from pancreatitis, this organ turns into infected, which results in a lack of urge for food, ache, vomiting, swelling, and inside bleeding. Pancreatitis have to be handled rapidly to cease the ache and have the next likelihood of restoration. Signs embody lethargy, hunching over, arched again ache, lack of urge for food, diarrhea, vomiting, and general weak point.

Some canine breeds have the next chance of genetic susceptibility for pancreatitis, together with Boxers, Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, Collies, and a few Terrier breeds. For these canines, the upper fats content material of feline meals is a really unhealthy selection. Consuming an excessive amount of kitty grub additionally places canines at the next danger of weight achieve and creating situations like diabetes and poor coronary heart well being.

Is Moist Cat Meals Unhealthy For Canine?

Moist cat meals is just not poisonous or toxic for canines, however it’s unhealthy for them. Consuming it now and again is just not prone to trigger any long-term or noticeable results until your pet suffers from an underlying illness or dietary deficiency. Consuming feline-focused meals over lengthy durations and consuming massive quantities can result in gastrointestinal dysfunction. These situations embody painful gasoline, diarrhea, and indigestion. Moreover, there’s at all times a danger {that a} pup could possibly be allergic to one thing contained within the recipe, as these formulation aren’t examined for security nor developed to be consumed by canines.

Generally, a veterinarian could suggest {that a} canine eats moist cat meals for a short while. This could happen when a pup is combating a critical illness that impacts the urge for food or digestion, together with most cancers. Kitty grub tends to style higher attributable to its increased fats and protein content material. A vet could suggest this over a home-cooked weight loss plan if canines are having problem digesting the carbohydrates and fibers present in business pet meals. Nonetheless, it’s greatest to focus on your canine’s dietary wants with the vet, together with any issues or issues you’ve got, relatively than switching them to a feline formulation by yourself.

Is Dry Cat Meals Unhealthy For Canine?

Canine could also be drawn to dry feline-focused kibble for a similar purpose they search out moist meals. Kitty recipes style nice and scent like meat. The excessive protein and fats content material make it style very meaty, which our canine companions can not resist. Canines can simply crunch up dry cat kibbles and treats, and they’ll seemingly digest them, however they don’t seem to be wholesome. Whereas crunchy in texture, they’re designed for skinny feline enamel, not greater canine enamel. The crunch has no cleansing profit, and the kibble will seemingly break down rapidly. Moreover, there’s the potential for items to get caught within the mouth and enamel.

Can Puppies Eat Kitten Meals?

Puppies shouldn’t eat kitten chow if doable. Whereas it tastes good and does supply protein, it doesn’t have what puppies have to develop appropriately. They will eat it in a pinch however don’t make a behavior of this. Keep on with breed and size-appropriate pet kibbles and moist meals. These are a lot more healthy in your pup.

Is Cat Meals Unhealthy For Canine’s Kidneys?

Consuming a whole lot of this may be dangerous for a canine’s kidneys, particularly these with kidney illness or dysfunction. In some circumstances, canines with kidney points even have to go on a prescription weight loss plan. Dry kitty kibble is way worse than moist meals for animals with kidney illness as a result of they include little moisture. Kitty chow may also be dangerous for canines affected by liver illness. Meals excessive in copper, together with organ meats usually included in cat meals, will be significantly laborious on the liver.

Can A Canine Die From Consuming Cat Meals?

A canine is unlikely to die from consuming feline meals. If snacking on cat chow turns into a daily behavior, it may well result in abdomen upset, weak point, vomiting, or diarrhea. If this occurs, it’s best to name your vet. In some uncommon circumstances, your pet could develop an allergic response to the components. Pups consuming this weight loss plan long-term stand a a lot increased danger of creating pancreatitis, which will be deadly. Consuming an excessive amount of of it over an prolonged time period can result in very critical and generally life-ending medical situations.

In case your pup eats kitty chow, moist or dry, and is in any type of misery or ache afterward, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

Can Canine Eat Cat Meals In An Emergency?

Sure, a pup can eat kitty chow in an emergency however just for a short while. They may benefit from the style and new textures. Whereas it will likely be sufficient to maintain them for a couple of days, it’s not a very good behavior to get into. The potential for long-term well being points is way too nice. Whereas your pup could benefit from the style and suppose it is a tasty deal with, it’s not a really wholesome selection in the long term. In case your canine is obese, diabetic, endure from kidney or liver illness, or has different long-term well being situations, it’s best to make use of warning when giving them feline merchandise. Even in an emergency, this might not be the most suitable choice.

Private Expertise With Canine Consuming Cat Meals

I’ve a pup now that likes to eat kitty meals. He likes it a lot he’ll get upset if he sees me feed the cats, as he thinks they’re getting a deal with that he’s being neglected of. I’m not positive why he likes it a lot as a result of he’s fed a high-quality weight loss plan, however he’s at all times very excited about it. If he occurs to get into the room when the kitties are consuming, he’ll chase them off, particularly if they’re consuming canned or moist meals. To fight this, I feed all my animals in several areas.

Trying For Wholesome Canine Meals Choices?

Excessive-quality, wholesome, balanced pet food is at all times a better option than kitty kibble or other forms of cat meals. Thankfully for house owners and their canine relations, there are a rising variety of wholesome pet food choices to select from. Freeze-dried meals, in addition to recent, human-grade choices, have gotten increasingly in style. There are a number of incredible supply choices obtainable. Together with that, house owners can select uncooked meals or a holistic weight loss plan. At all times communicate to your veterinarian about your canine’s well being and dietary issues. This consists of including in any dietary supplements or nutritional vitamins. At all times use warning when making important dietary adjustments, particularly in case your canine has any underlying medical issues.

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