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Winter within the UK might be harsh in your backyard, with chilly temperatures, frost, and doubtlessly heavy snowfall. Nonetheless, with the precise preparations and care, you possibly can defend your backyard from the winter components and guarantee it thrives as soon as spring arrives.

Whether or not you’re a home-owner or a landlord of let property, it pays to spend that little additional time giving the backyard an ample degree of safety, too. A well-maintained backyard in any case invariably provides worth to your property.

On this information, we’ll share important suggestions that will help you winter-proof your backyard and preserve its well being and sweetness throughout the colder months.

Put together

Earlier than winter units in, give your backyard an intensive clean-up. Take away fallen leaves, lifeless vegetation, and any particles. Trim again overgrown branches and vegetation to encourage wholesome progress within the coming season. A tidy backyard is less complicated to handle and fewer inclined to wreck throughout winter.


  • vegetation, timber and shrubs all want shelter from the chilly and moist wintry winds that can blow throughout your backyard;
  • though a few of the work may have been decided by the planning that went into the positioning of vegetation and shrubs, additional safety might be offered by wrapping the extra weak in horticultural fleece;
  • mulching may assist to maintain the soil heat and moist – serving as a pure insulator in your vegetation;
  • transfer delicate or frost-sensitive pots and containers to a sheltered spot, corresponding to a greenhouse, shed, or beneath a porch;

Winter resistant vegetation

  • go for vegetation that thrive in colder temperatures, corresponding to winter-flowering heathers, winter aconites, and snowdrops. These vegetation can add color and curiosity to your backyard even throughout the winter months;

Prune and trim

  • prune your timber and shrubs to take away lifeless or diseased wooden. Correct pruning improves air circulation and daylight publicity, selling more healthy progress when spring arrives;


  • don’t neglect the injury which may be brought on by the extreme downpours of rain your backyard is more likely to recover from the autumn and winter months;
  • the extra vegetation you’ve in your backyard the higher – they assist to mop up all that extra rain;
  • as soon as once more, advance planning in your planting could assist to find out areas that are more likely to stay wetter than others – so, for these components of your backyard select water-loving vegetation corresponding to lilies, hydrangeas, and opulent ferns;


  • that low-maintenance garden you hoped would possibly take a few of the work out of gardening would possibly as simply flip into an unpleasant quagmire after a downpour or two;
  • severe waterlogging would possibly name for the garden to be fully re-laid when spring comes round, however a brief treatment could be present in spiking it effectively to make sure pretty much as good a drainage as attainable;

Raised beds

  • if different areas of your backyard frequently change into water-logged, you would possibly contemplate constructing raised beds to maintain vegetation and shrubs above the waterline;
  • these are simpler to regulate when winter is doing its worst and assist to maximise the area and planting alternatives in your backyard – simply be certain that to maintain them topped-up with good high quality soil;


  • wind, rain, ice and snow are all more likely to enhance the quantity of common particles strewn throughout your backyard;
  • this must be cleared away not just for appearances sake but additionally to maintain planted areas wholesome and paths and walkways accessible;
  • fallen leaves and different compostable materials could also be stored till spring, when you possibly can re-apply it as fertilizer for planted areas;


  • play your half in sustaining what’s a mini-ecosystem in your backyard – together with each its wildlife;
  • birds are more likely to be among the many most frequent guests to your backyard, so put up feeders for them and guarantee they’ve sufficient water not solely to drink but additionally to wash in;
  • you could be stunned by what number of different animals make use of any ponds or water options in your backyard, so, maintain them from freezing over;

Verify backyard constructions

  • examine and reinforce any backyard constructions like trellises, arches, and fences to make sure they will stand up to winter winds and potential snow masses;

Backyard tools upkeep

  • clear and correctly retailer backyard instruments and tools to stop rusting and injury throughout the winter. Preserve them in a dry, sheltered place.

Time spent winter-proofing your backyard is more likely to show greater than worthwhile. Defending what’s already established means that there’s much less work to do come the springtime and chances are you’ll take consolation in the truth that the upkeep you do now helps defend the worth of your house or let property.

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